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What is Hawaiian Massage?

This friendly culture was steeped in ancient traditions that had been preserved from generation to generation through Hawaiian history, and the sacred dance of hula. Most revered were the Kahuna, experts in their chosen profession. Kahuna specialized in areas ranging from stargazing to canoe building; skills chosen in childhood and mastered through training. The Kahuna lomilomi were masters of body manipulation and healing massage using their forearms and elbows.

  • Specific Benefits of Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage:

  • Relaxes muscle contractions, spasms and relieves general body tension.

  • Dilates blood vessels, thus improving circulation.

  • May have a sedative, stimulating or even exhausting effect on the nervous system depending on the type and length of massage treatment given.

  • Separates muscle fibers, undoing or preventing the formation of adhesions and trigger points.

  • Stretches connective tissues, improves its circulation and nutrition of joints and hastens the elimination of harmful particles. It helps to lessen inflammation and swelling in joints, thus lessening pain, tissue damage and helps facilitate movement.

  • Brings clients awareness to the area being massaged and that awareness itself can aid in its healing.

  • During the session, the client is offered the opportunity to be totally nurtured and supported, thus providing the opportunity to totally let go of the accumulated tensions which are present in their lives. By releasing chronically held physical tension, the corresponding emotional aspect can surface and also be released.


About the course

This module covers both the theoretical and practical fundamentals of administering a full body Hawaiian Massage using the forearms.



No pre-requisites.



This is a 1 day course. 20 Experiential hours must be completed by the learner before a final assessment can be done.



Included in the course cost is a manual, training DVD and the 100ml Massage Oil.