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What is Osteopathic Massage

OSTEOPATHY:  A system of medicine based on the theory that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system affect other bodily parts, causing many disorders that can be corrected by various manipulative techniques in conjunction with conventional medical, surgical, pharmacological, and other therapeutic procedures.

 OSTEOPATHIC MASSAGE we use no manipulative techniques like osteopaths. We only use the principles of osteopathy, where we concentrate on the attachments of muscle to bone. It is sometimes called body reflexology. In this course we also look on treating the most common problems like frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow, chin splints, head aches ext. It is painful but therapeutic. Your clients will easily get hooked on this effective massage and will endure the pain for the relief afterwards.

Some trigger points are also useful in combination with these attachments. No massage techniques will be discussed, but rather the important areas to treat for specific conditions. It is  still important to always work through the whole muscle, feeling for abnormal, tight spots. Since this massage technique is quite painful, it is wise to combine it with other, more relaxing movements like effleurage, petrisage, hacking, etc. or something like hot stone therapy.

This Massage method is easily mastered and is very valuable in combination with your other methods especially if you need quick and effective healing of stiff muscles. The way you will learn to use your hands in this massage method is completely different from normal massage, It will take you a while and if you’ve got it right its much easier on your body than conventional massage movements.


 About the course

This module covers both the theoretical and practical fundamentals of administering a full body Osteopathic Massage



No pre-requisites.



This is a 1 day course. 20 Experiential hours must be completed by the learner before a final assessment can be done.



Included in the course cost is a manual, training DVD and the 200ml Body butter.