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What is Rainstick Massage?

Rainsticks have become a very populare novelty musical insturment in recent times.

Throughout time, the rainstick has been used by various cultures in various ways.

Rainstick Massage is a full body massage done with a Rain Maker.

The sounds made by the rainstick during massage allows for deeper relaxation, and use of a tool allows for a deeper pressure without

compromising the therapist's posture and hands.



Theoretically and practically this module consist of the basic fundamentals regarding a full body Rainstick Massage covering the face,

front legs, stomach,  arms, back legs and back.



1 Day course

20 Experiential hours must be completed in the learner's own time before a final assessment can be done.



There are no pre-requisites.



A manual, training DVD, and the following kit is included in the course fee: 

Rain stick made from wood.

Massage Butter 200ml

Massage oil 100ml