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What is a Himalayan Salt Treatment?

Himalayan Salt is a natural substance which has formed in the Himalayan region over millions of years. Analysis shows that Himalayan Salt contains trace elements and essential minerals making this salt an ideal substance to enhance the health of the human system and assist the body to function at this optimum.

The minerals help to alkanalize the body’s pH, and to balance the electrolytes, helping to maintain a healthy immune system.

Through application of the Himalayan Salt on the back of the body by massaging with heated Himalayan Salt stones, absorption of the beneficial minerals into the skin is enhanced. A foot massage completes the treatment and the client’s body is replenished.

Benefits of the heated Himalayan Salt stones:

• Immediate vasodilatation

• Increase in blood circulation

• Relaxing effect

• Restoration of depleted minerals in the body

• Replacement of lost electrolytes

• Prevents cramps

• Helps clear eczema and psoriasis




Theoretically and practically this module consist of the basic fundamentals regarding a full body Himalayan Salt treatment, consisting of the application of the salt through a 15min Himalayan Massage on the back of the body, followed by a foot massage.


1 Day course

20 Experiential hours must be completed in the learner's own time before a final assessment can be done.


There are no pre-requisites.



 A manual, training DVD, and the following kit is included in the course fee:

  • Set of 4 Himalayan Salt Stones

  • Massage oil 100ml


Additionals to Kit

A heating unit with a grid and lid will be needed to heat the stones, and may be purchased in addition to the kit included in the course fee.

Please note that the stones should not be heated in water as they will dissolve!