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What is Calabash Massage?


The calabash was one of the first cultivated plants in the world, grown not for food but as a container. It was named for the calabash tree (Crescentia cujete), a different type of plant.

Across Africa calabashes are hollowed out and dried and are a very typical utensil in households.

They are used to clean rice, carry water and also just as a food container. Smaller sizes are used as bowls to drink palm-wine. Calabashes are used by some musicians in making the kora (a harplute), xalam (a lute), and the goje (a traditional fiddle). They also serve as resonators on the balafon (West African marimba).

In almost every country around the world calabashes have been uses for different purposes.

The calabash is a widely used tool, but nowhere could we find a documented usage of the calabash for massage. 

Various sizes and shapes of calabashes are being used as a natural and effective massage tool. A massage with Calabashes will deeply relax the muscles.




Theoretically and practically this beginners module consist of the basic fundamentals regarding a full body calabash massage.


1 Day course

20 Experiential hours must be completed in the learner's own time before a final assessment can be done.


This is an introductory course, there are no pre-requisites.




A manual, training DVD, and the following kit is included in the course fee:

  • Set of 10 Calabashes

  • Massage butter 200ml

  • Massage oil 100ml


Additionals to Kit

The calabash open dipper (used when washing the feet)  and oil holder (used as an oil container) may be purchased in addition to the kit included in the course fee:



Additionals to Kit

By Buying a Calabash set you are supporting a local company that aids in rural development and job creation!