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Flexi-training is a combination between e-learning (via e-mails) and in-class sessions.  Any Diploma modules can be done via Flexi-training.

We are very excited to announce that Flexi-Training is available from Therapeuo.  The cost of the training is the same as normal course fees.  The length of the course depends on how much time you have to spend on it, as it is correspondence.  It is very difficult to estimate this as each student’s pace is different.

 Flexi-training works as follows:

  • Learner enrolls by paying the enrollment fee of R1000 (this includes a name badge, bib, and most importantly – your registration fee at the PAB (Professional Accreditation Body – they provide the accreditation needed).  

  • Learner pays for the course (either per module or all at once)

  • Learner pays for the kits

  • Therapeuo sends you all the manuals, training DVD’s and kits as needed.

  • The e-lecturer corresponds with the learner via e-mail, guiding the learner through the material until a section of work has been completed. 

  • The e-lecturer e-mails the learner an assignment in the form of a worksheet or task or test regarding the completed section.

  • The learner completes the assignment and send it back.

  • The e-lecturer marks it, and if the learner is found competent in this section, then next section sent via e-mail and is completed in the same manner.

  • When the learner has been found competent in all the sections an arrangement is made for practical attendance of the specific module.

  • Case studies are completed.

  • A theory and practical exam follows.

  • If the learner passes these exams you are nationally qualified.

  • The learner has the option to then apply for an international external exam to accuire an international ITEC qualification.

  • If Therapeuo finds the learner to be a suitable candidate we allow the learner to do an additional international theory and practical exam assessed by an international examiner allocated by ITEC (the international qualifications authority Therapeuo is registered with).  This international exam has an additional cost.

  • If the learner isfound competent by the examiner the learner receives an international qualification

One can start the theoretical component of flexi training at any time, for the practical component a time-table need not be followed. 


 Go ahead, start working towards your dream today!